Your Land is One of Your Largest Investments
Our property mapping software makes it easy to create property maps and boundary plats using your property deed or your original survey or GPS data.

Use Map My Land to easily calculate acreage, record landmarks and plot the metes and bounds of any property to any scale.


What's Being Said About MML

This software is truly exceptional. The learning curve was minimal.  It does a great job helping you visualize your property boundaries and with the GPS coordinate capabililty greatly diminishes time to locate other survey stakes.  Couple that with an unbelievable price point for the software with this capability and you truly have a winner!
--Chris W.

I really appreciate all your hard work on making this work for my needs.  I hope it will also help sell your product to others.  It is very reasonable priced and you have gone above and beyond to make it work for me.  I am most impressed with you and the company!!
--Lisa S.

I tried your mapping software.  It works great.  I tried it first on a property, the deed of which was based on a survey.  It closed within 1.55 feet.  I then did my property.  While doing so, I noticed that the survey had taken metes and bounds form neighboring surveys without taking into account changes in magnetic north between three different survey done of years apart.   No wonder it did not close.
--Alan Y.

I am a retired Civil Engineer; Recently, I attempted to purchase a river front property in Lee County, Florida. I depended on the MLS listing for the property dimensions and acreage and was told that I would receive a deed and survey map approximately a week before the closing.  Unfortunately, only the deed arrived and I noticed some discrepancies between the deed and the MLS listing.  During my career, I used software costing between $1,000 and $10,000 to map property lines, create parcel maps, check deeds, and to calculate areas, perimeters, and closure errors.  Not having access to this software now, I used Map My Land to create a parcel map and to calculate and check the deed for property lines, area, and closure error....all the features I needed and more Even better, with Map My Land's excellent demos and tutorials, I was able to easily do this in less than an hour! But the best news of all, Map My Land uncovered a 29% error in the acreage on the MLS listing and kept me from making a costly mistake! Thanks for a great product at a great price!
--Martin E.

This is great software. I am dealing with about 150 acres composed of 3 small and 1 large parcel that have never been on any sort of plat drawing. I do have a penciled drawing showing points on the large property that correspond to bearings on a deed. There are 29 points, however the three small parcels do not have bearing points. The penciled drawing was made in 1950, but the bearing points originated in the late 1800s. Your software is very intuitive and user friendly. I now have the entire property, bearing points and boundary markers on a perfect printed plat.  I have everything tied to my hand held GPS so that I can identify my land from large tracks belonging to my neighbors.  This is very important for logging operations as cutting your neighbor's timber by mistake can be very costly!  I was also able to lay out bearing points and boundaries for my children that live on adjoining properties. In closing, not only is the software program great, but the tech support is 2nd to none!