Your Land is One of Your Largest Investments
Our property mapping software makes it easy to create property maps and boundary plats using your property deed or your original survey or GPS data.

Use Map My Land to easily calculate acreage, record landmarks and plot the metes and bounds of any property to any scale.

Press Release - October 15, 2011 – Nashville, Tennessee - Alta Software Tools, Inc. Customers Discover Unique Applications for Property Mapping Software

“Last year when Alta Software Tools, Inc. released Map My Land ™ property mapping software, we had no idea of some of the applications our customers would come up with” according to co-founder and partner, Trevor Evans.  “We knew our biggest marketing challenge would be convincing over 200,000,000 property owners
why they needed to spend $79 for property mapping software and why they needed to spend 20 minutes learning how to use it.” 

Much to their surprise, property and home owners have used the software in many ways including:
  • Verifying metes and bounds or distances and bearings in their property deeds
  • Printing map transparencies to overlay and quickly find errors on  tax maps
  • Checking distances and acreages in MLS listings before buying property
  • Discovering closure errors and discrepancies in their own property survey as well as adjoining property surveys

Real estate agents, their second largest market, use the software to protect buyers by verifying the distances and acreages in the seller’s MLS listing as well as advertising their own listings with the property boundaries overlaid on Google Earth™.

Evans said “While not a large market, the real surprise application is genealogists using Map My Land™ to show the property divisions of a family’s land or farm over a period of time.  It appears that there is no limit to our customers’ applications.”

Alta Software Tools, Inc continues to expand its product by listening to its customers’ ideas.  A free software upgrade with add-ons for forestry, maple-sugar stands, and agricultural fields is scheduled for early next year.  When it comes to protecting your property investment, Map My Land™ provides you with information you can trust.

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