Your Land is One of Your Largest Investments
Our property mapping software makes it easy to create property maps and boundary plats using your property deed or your original survey or GPS data.

Use Map My Land to easily calculate acreage, record landmarks and plot the metes and bounds of any property to any scale.

Printing Maps on One Page or a Plotter--

The Alta Software Tools support team recently discovered a printing issue with Microsoft Windows that affects Map My Land as well as other programs you may have on your computer. 

Until recently, a user had the option of choosing a printer within their application software  before clicking  the Print selection.  This allowed the user to be able to choose between printers that  allow you to print on different sizes of paper. 
For example,  say the printer  you normally use (default printer) prints on paper sized only up to 8.5 x 14.  You have another printer you use for special printing that prints to larger sizes of paper (such as 11 x 17 or even 17 x 22).   With changes in Windows,  you must now  change your default printer in order to have access to the larger sized paper options.
The current solution for Map My Land printing  is to change the default printer.  Go to Start->Devices and Printers.  Right-click  on your mouse and then click on "Set as default printer" to make the printer. The default printer will now be recognized in the Page Settings  in Map My Land and will allow you to print on the sizes allowed by that printer.   
Map My Land is working on a better solution to this Microsoft issue.  We will keep you posted.